How Much Food to Feed My Dog ?

Dogs are known to eat their own weight in food every year. And if you have a large dog, this can be quite the expense. So how much food should your pet be eating?

The answer depends on many factors. Male dogs require more calories than females, and giant breeds need more than toy breeds. Puppies also need different amounts of food than adults do. There are several calorie calculators available online that will help you determine what is best for your pup’s needs!

How to use the Dog Calorie Calculator

To calculate a dog’s caloric requirements, enter each type of food eaten into the calculator. If your pet eats a combination of foods, be sure to add it together in the appropriate section, and then subtract that number from the total amount eaten. For example: if you give your dog three cups of dry food plus two cups of wet food every day, add four cups of kibble and two cups of wet food in the “dry” section and four cups minus two cups = two cups in the “Other Food” portion.

There are three different types of information you must supply before you can determine how many calories a day a certain breed needs:

1) The weight of your dog.

2) The age of your dog.

3) The activity level of your dog.

Once you have this information, the calculator will recommend a number of calories based on this data and your pet’s size. You can also compare your numbers with those given by experts in veterinary medicine or animal nutrition to ensure accuracy.

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Types of Dog Food Each type of food contains different nutrients, so it is important that you know what each one provides before adding it into the calculator. In addition to carbohydrates, protein and fat content, some foods contain more vitamins than others – all of which have an effect on how much a pet needs to eat every day. For example: fish-based foods are among the best sources for omega-3 fatty acids.

Foods to Avoid

There are some foods that you should not feed your dog under any circumstances. Unfortunately, they tend to be the same kinds of things we like to eat – so it can be difficult to say no! Some of these items include: chocolates, grapes and raisins, onions and garlic, macadamia nuts and anything containing caffeine.

If you’re still unsure about how much food is just right for Fido , ask his veterinarian what he or she recommends. You can also contact an animal nutritionist or a veterinary specialist at a veterinary college for more information on choosing the best canine diet plan for your pet.