10 Excellent Cattle Dog Breeders

Cattle dogs are a type of herding dog that work to control the movements of cattle. In this article, we’ll explore 10 excellent cattle dog breeders in no particular order.

In Australia, there is a long history of using sheepdogs to move livestock from place to place and these animals have been used for centuries in other countries as well. Cattle dogs were bred from these large herding breeds and they became valuable assets on ranches because they could be trained to manage cattle more easily than humans alone. Today, many people own both cows and horses while others just keep one or the other animal for their own enjoyment or breeding purposes. The market has seen an increase over recent years due to the rise in population among those who want to work on their own. Cattle dogs must be trained to be strong herders and can also control other animals as well such as sheep, pigs and goats for those who keep them.

Cattle dog breeders are different from most other dog breeders because they put a high value on intelligence in offspring. If you have ever seen the movie ‘The Shaggy Dog’ then you are already familiar with the concept of how important intelligence is to breeding cattle dogs among others. There are many excellent breeds that people use for these purposes but some breeds are better than others at being intelligent enough to do this type of work without human intervention. If you have owned a pet before, then you know how much training it takes just to get your animal to listen to your calls. Cattle dogs are no different, they need to be trained from a young age so that they can protect their owners against predators. If you have livestock, then the last thing you want is for them to be attacked by another wild animal while under your care.

Cattle dog breeders put a high value on intelligence and trainability alongside excellent health and physical appearance as well. That said, there are certain applications where certain breeds of cattle dogs do better than others which we will discuss further below:

Australian Heeler

One of the best cattle dog breeds is the Australian heeler which was originally bred as an all-purpose farm dog in Australia. These animals can move any type of cattle even those with horns. They are excellent at moving cattle in the proper direction without injuring themselves or their charges. The heeler was bred to have more of a sheepdog appearance than the other breeds on this list so that they could get along with other animals on ranches easily. These animals are medium-sized dogs, never larger than 25 pounds and often less than 15 pounds which is significantly smaller than most herding dogs.

Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian cattle dog is another breed of cattle dog that can move any type of animal but also comes in many different sizes like heelers. Some types of these dogs range in size from about 30 to 120 pounds while others can weigh up to 40 pounds if they do not receive good early on. It all depends on genetics and the diet they receive as pups. These dogs were originally bred in Australia to move any animal that was available on farms and ranches including horses and cattle.

Australian Shepherd

The Australian shepherd is a medium-sized dog with very similar appearance to the Australian Cattle Dog although these animals are often much larger than their counterparts at around 25-90 pounds typically. This breed of cattle dog moves small herds of up to 30 animals if needed while also moving large groups of this size if given proper training early on. They are also one of the most popular breeds for pets among people who do not have other types of livestock but still want to participate in herding activities with their pet.

CPG Shepherd Dogs

This is another breed of cattle dog that usually is not found in many pet stores because they are primarily used for herding purposes. The CPG shepherd dogs are very protective of the herds they guard which make them excellent guard dogs around the home as well. They do best when they get to participate in some form of running or exercise on a regular basis but many people keep them indoors with the family due to their protective nature.

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Australian Shepherd Mix

Mixed breeds can be found pretty easily these days and there are plenty of Australian spitz mixes available that came from good breeders who wanted to create specific mixes. One such mix that has become increasingly more popular over the years comes from an Australian cattle dog and an Australian shepherd which makes for an extremely intelligent, agile and quick moving dog. However, this breed will need a lot of exercise and can often be found herding any other animals that are around including cats and other dogs if they do not receive proper training from a young age.

Dutch Shepherd

The Dutch shepherd is another breed of cattle dog that was bred to have the same physical characteristics as the German shepherd with some additional features for more intelligence. These dogs can move larger herds than Australian shepherds quite easily but also come in many different sizes which makes them perfect for small farms, large properties or even urban living depending on their weight. As with all types of livestock guarding dogs, these pups must go through proper training so they can learn how to properly your livestock without stressing or harming them.

Dutch Shepherd Mix

The Dutch shepherd mix is a very versatile option for anyone interested in getting an Australian cattle dog. This mix can make a great pet if the parents were good dogs and they received proper training from a young age, but these pets can also be great workers if you have other types of livestock to move. They may not perform as well as purebreds when it comes to working on ranches or farms, but they are excellent at helping people who need help moving horses or other animals. These mixes usually do best when they get plenty of exercise but often have a lot of energy so keep that in mind when looking for one.

Collie Cattle Dog Mix

With features from both types of Collies, this breed of cattle dog is known for their intelligence and ease of training. They are also very friendly dogs that do well with children and other animals within the home which makes them excellent pets around families with young kids or other pets. These pups can be good workers if you need them to handle livestock but they will prefer to work alongside humans because this is simply what they enjoy doing best. You may also see these mixes called Longhaired whippets even though their actual breed name comes from the Collie Cattle Dog mix.

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Pembroke Corgi Mix

The Pembroke corgi is an extremely cute animal, but people often get them confused with miniature Australian shepherds at first glance due to their similar colors and body styles. This mix comes from the corgi side of the family which means they may not be as large or powerful if you are looking for a heavy duty work dog, but these pets are still very friendly and intelligent. They make good farm dogs due to their intelligence which allows them to learn new tasks with ease.

Border Collie Cattle Dog Mix

This is another extremely popular mix that combines two extremely smart breeds of cattle dog into one package that is perfect for most families or owners who need a good herding dog. The border collie has been used for herding for centuries now which makes this animal a natural fit when it comes to working livestock of all types including chickens, cows, horses and even pigs. These mixes will often have a lot of energy and need plenty of physical activity to stay happy pets.

The Australian cattle dog is a popular breed for many reasons. For one, they have physical characteristics that make them excellent at herding animals of all types and sizes. They are also intelligent enough to learn new tasks with ease which makes them perfect for most families or owners who need a good guard animal or farm hand. If you’re looking into getting an Australian cattle dog pup for your family, it may be best to take the time to do some research on what type of work load this specific style will handle before committing!