How Much Benadryl for a Dog ?

The best way to give your pet an appropriate dose of benadryl without over dosing them is by understanding their weight and what type of reaction you’re trying to achieve. If you’re looking to sedate your dog, use only half the amount stated below; if you want it to act as more of an antihistamine, use the full amount.

It’s important to note that there are different variations of Benadryl for humans and dogs. Make sure you use the right medication for your dog before administering it!

*Please Note: The dosage information in this article is generalized to give a rough estimate on how much medication you should give your pet. Every dog reacts differently so not every dosage will have the same effect on all dogs. You can find more details about specific dosages here .*

Size of Dog

The first thing you need to know is how big your dog is. Simply take a look at the size of your pup and follow that information below to find the right dosage for them! Keep in mind that Benadryl comes in different forms, so make sure you’re using the dosage for dogs when giving it to your pet.

There are 25 milligrams per milliliter of liquid Benadryl , which means if we do some simple math we can figure out how many mgs our pup needs per pound:

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1lb = 0.45359237 kg 1mg / ml x (our dog weighs 60lbs) = 3600mg (amount of medication needed/ml) 3600mg / 25mg/ml = 144 drops (amount of medication needed in each drop)

Since there are 25mgs of Benadryl per ml, we know that there is a total of 2400mgs in the entire bottle. Since every dog reacts differently, it’s important to always start with a small dose and gradually increase until you reach the desired effect .

How much Benadryl should I give my Dog?

In order to use this chart, take a look at your dog’s size and find their weight below: *keep in mind these dosages are for healthy, full grown dogs and may differ depending on your pup’s age or health*

5lbs-10lbs: 2mg (1/2 dropper) – 5mg (1/4 dropper)

11lbs-20lbs: 5mg (1/2 dropper) – 10mg (1/2 dropper)

21lbs-35lbs: 10mg (full dropper)- 20mg ( 1 full dropper )

36-40lbs : 15mg – 25mg

41+ lbs : 25mg – 50mg

How much Benadryl will get my dog high?

Using the same method as above, you can calculate how many milligrams your pup needs to get high. You will need to use twice this dosage to have the same effect on a smaller breed. For example, if an 8lb Chihuahua needed 4 mgs to sedate them, 12mgs would have the same effect on them.

5lbs-10lbs: 5mg – 10mg

11lbs-20lb s : 10mg – 20mg

21lbs-35lb s : 25mg – 50mg 4 How much Benadryl will cause hyperactivity? Like sedation, you want to start out with a low dose and gradually increase until you reach your desired outcome. You can use this as a starting point:

2-3 pounds: 1/4 dropper (1/2 of regular dosage) 4-11 pounds: 1/2 dropper (regular dosage) 11+ pounds: full dropper (double the regular dosage)

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Alternative Benadryl Doses:

2 to 3 pounds: 1/4 teaspoon (1/2 of regular dosage) 4 to 11 pounds: 1/2 teaspoon (regular dosage) 11+ pounds: full teaspoon (double the regular dosage) *These dosages are for healthy, fully grown dogs and may differ depending on your pet’s age or health* **Please note that these doses are just estimates. Always start with a low dose and gradually increase until you reach the desired outcome**

It’s always best to give Benadryl orally because it is most effective this way. If you need to, you can use an oral syringe, but make sure to get all of the medication in their mouth by holding their nose and waiting until they swallow. If you’re using the liquid version, you can put it in some cheese or peanut butter to make it more appealing to your pup. Always check with a veterinarian before administering any medications and remember that every dog reacts differently so dosage will vary from one pet to another! This information is not meant to substitute professional medical advice and is purely for educational purposes.

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