How to Get a Tick off a Dog ?

Ticks are nasty little critters that can be found in many areas around the world. They’re most commonly found on dogs, and it’s important to know how to remove them if they latch onto your pup!

The first thing you should do is take a look at the tick – if it has an hourglass shape then leave it alone, as this means that it hasn’t been feeding and therefore isn’t dangerous. If not, try to grip the tick with tweezers as close to its head as possible before pulling upwards gently but firmly. You might want to use a tissue or cotton ball soaked in alcohol for protection between your fingers and the tick – I recommend using these methods because ticks can carry lots of diseases, and you want to make sure that the tick’s mouth parts don’t stay embedded in your dog.

What if my Dog has Fleas?

Fleas can cause all kinds of issues for dogs – including tapeworms! If you suspect that your pet has fleas, I recommend using a special type of comb to safely remove them from their coats. Follow the directions on the packaging carefully to ensure that they are removed safely.

If the infestation is really bad then there are also some safe medications that will kill both ticks and fleas at once – however it might be worth contacting your veterinarian first just so that you know what treatment is best for your dog! Good luck with removing those pesky parasites!

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