Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere ?

Dogs are amazing animals. They’re loyal, affectionate and playful. They’ll never judge you no matter what you do or how badly you screw up. You can tell them anything and they will listen without judging you. It’s like having your own personal therapist wherever you go! Some people believe that dogs have a sixth sense; an ability to know when their owners need company or comfort, even if the owner is not aware of it themselves. And most importantly, dogs follow us everywhere we go because they don’t want to leave our side for one second! Let’s take a look at some more reasons why our canine companions follow us around so faithfully…

Dogs absolutely love spending time with their owners. They adore getting attention and never want to be too far away from the people they care about most. Why do dogs follow us everywhere we go? It’s because of a chemical reaction that occurs within them when they smell our “happy” pheromones! Yes, it’s true – there is such a thing as human pheromones ! When your dog sniffs your clothes or rubs against you, he is transferring his scent onto you and claiming you as his own! And this natural phenomenon makes him feel warm, safe and relaxed – so he’ll constantly want to be near the object of his affection…you!

Instead of constantly asking yourself: “Why does my dog follow me everywhere?”, maybe you should start asking yourself: “Why don’t I let my dog follow me everywhere?”! If your pup is constantly trying to be underfoot, why not try and make the most of it? After all, spending time with your pooch can be a lot of fun. Take him for a walk, go on a hike in the woods or just chill out together in front of the TV. The more quality time you spend with your pet, the better

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