10 Most Ugliest Dog Breed Ever

The first thing that you need to know about these dog breeds is that they are not meant for everyone. Some of them are said to be the ugliest dogs of all time, and their appearance more often than not can scare people away. There are even some who will deem it as a crime against nature because the animals do not look like what its supposed to be. But there’s no denying that these 10 most ugly dog breeds ever have one big plus – they make great watchdogs! So if you’re looking for a pet with an intimidating presence, then this list has something for you.

Dogue De Bordeaux

This breed was originally bred in France as a hunting companion and now used as guard dogs by many establishments. They weigh around 100-150 lbs and is characterized by its wrinkles and loose jowls. This may not be the best breed if you want to bring it in a picnic or trip because of its drooling habit which can leave your clothes wet with saliva.

Neapolitan Mastiff

According to studies, the modern day dog has descended from the extinct British Molossian dogs that roamed Europe as far back as 200 BC during the Roman Empire. One such breed that’s part of this bloodline is the Neapolitan Mastiff, one of the oldest breeds known to man. Originating from Italy, these dogs can grow up to 7 feet tall and weigh 200-250 lbs!

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The Bloodhound is among the largest, most powerful and sturdiest of scent hounds. They have a deep rooted history as hunting dogs because of their ability to be able to follow trails over long distances and not losing it along the way. This dog breed can weigh up to 180 lbs and costs about $1,000 as pedigree.

English Bulldog

Known as the “English Gentleman”, this breed was originally an animal that was raised for bull baiting in both England and France during earlier days. Unfortunately, the people behind this bloodsport decided that it’s more lucrative if they just put on some shows and spectators will pay money just to watch these animals fight with all their might! Breeders specifically bred them into an animal with a big head and small body to make them more ferocious. With the passage of time, however, the people decided that they will just use their intelligence instead of their aggression. The English Bulldog was then used for hunting wild boar, while others became pets because of their gentle nature.

Chow Chow

This breed is known as one among 10 most ugliest dog breeds ever due to its unique blue-black tongue! Originating from China, this animal has become popular in recent times after being featured in films like “Babe” and “Snow Dogs”. It should not be confused with the Shar-Pei which also comes from China but are characterized by its lack of fur coat. After all, it’s still classified as a primitive dog because of its heavily wrinkled skin. At one point, Chow Chows were also kept by the emperor in China as a sign of power and status.

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This breed is known for being noisy, but that doesn’t mean they’re not loyal to their owners. It does not bark like most dogs do but rather makes a yodeling sound which almost sounds like a scream! Despite this unique trait, however, they are very quiet indoors which makes them good indoor pets. In some cases, they have been mistaken for cats because of their aloofness from people around them.


Also known as “Russian Wolfhound”, the Borzoi was originally bred for hunting wolves and other big game. Originating from Central Asia, these dogs were brought to the Russian court by royal hunters during the 16th century. They made great pets because of their calm and gentle nature which makes them perfect companions to children even though they can be aggressive towards strangers.

English Mastiff

This dog breed is known for its huge size and intimidating look compared to other breeds! Despite this, however, it’s still very much a gentle giant that loves children and doesn’t mind getting pampered with lots of petting to keep it happy. It should not be mistaken for other kinds of mastiffs that are used as guard dogs because the English Mastiffs was bred into that kind of role many years ago but now just likes to relax instead.

Bull Terrier

These animals may not look like your typical lapdogs, but don’t let that trick you into thinking that they’re anything like their close relative, the pitbull! Despite having a white coat with black patches on it, this breed is actually known for its courage and tenacity in the face of danger! Unfortunately, however, they’re not very good with children because they tend to want to play too rough.

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