How Much Does it Cost to Neuter a Dog ?

A dog that has not been neutered is more likely to roam, fight with other animals, and show aggression. A male can impregnate females in heat within a few miles of where it lives. Females who are bred too young may have serious health problems later on in life. Unspayed females also have a higher risk of developing mammary cancer or uterine infections than those who were spayed before their first heat cycle. Males are more likely to develop prostate disease as they age if they haven’t been neutered.

The cost for neutering ranges from $40-$250 depending on the type of procedure performed (intact vs. altered), which gender you’re getting (male vs female) and what veterinarian clinic you go to. Spaying and neutering of dogs is one of the most common surgeries performed on pets, but it can vary in cost depending on where you live and what type of veterinarian performs the procedure.

The low end for spay/neuter surgery of a dog is $40 – $80 . This price range might include an animal shelter, some local clinics or independent veterinarians who charge very little for this common service. The high end would be more than $250 – $350 for highly specialized veterinary hospitals that perform only spays/neuters, with many years of experience under their belts.

Vets use several ways to do Neutering Surgery:

1-Vasectomy (Male Dog Castration )

2-Ovary Removal (Spaying a Female Dog )

3-Hysterectomy (Female dog Sterilization )

The cost for a vasectomy is usually $40 – $80 . Some veterinary clinics offer this service for free on spayed dogs.

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Testicles are not removed in this procedure, so the male will still release sperm and be able to breed, but motility of the sperm cells is reduced dramatically. This makes it almost impossible for them to impregnate females. There might be some discomfort following the surgery while the testicles move lower in the body cavity while they heal. The dog also has to go through another round of injections once his testicles have had time to shrink down below the skin surface.