Why is My Dog Eating Poop ?

Dogs have a natural instinct to eat poop. This is why they often do it as soon as they come in from outside. The smell of feces stimulates their digestive glands and causes them to salivate, which makes the poop taste better.

Occasionally, dogs will eat other things like grass or trash; but those are usually just accidents because those items aren’t usually covered with their own scent and therefore won’t stimulate the same reaction.

The best way to stop this behavior is by not letting your dog roam around freely outside until he has been fully house-trained and you can trust him not to go near anything that smells like poop or any other organic matter for that matter! He should also be fed on a strict schedule so that he doesn’t have to eat his own poop or anyone else’s. You can also give your dog some kibble right before you go outside, which should help stimulate him to do his business instead of eating it.

“Managing your dog’s diet will keep him from craving fillers like grass, leaves, and feces,” says Betsy Brevitz , author of Lost & Found: A Guide for Returning Dogs to Their Owners . “If you want a full-grown dog who has never once sampled the lawn in all its varied forms of flora, feed him a premium food twice a day rather than leaving out food.”

There are also products on the market designed specifically for dogs who eat their own poop too much. One is called “Doggie Dooley,” a small plastic machine that attaches to your outdoor hose and works like an outdoor toilet to dispose of your dog’s feces. “It grinds the poop up so it won’t smell good anymore,” says Brevitz . Another product is called For-bid , which you mix into your dog’s food every time he eats to make his stool taste disgusting whenever he eats it again.

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Eating grass or other plants

“Eating grass or other plants can be a sign of allergies, since they are often covered in pollen ,” adds Brevitz . “Some dogs also have sensitive stomachs that need extra fiber in the form of grass or vegetables.”

To prevent your dog from eating things he’t while outside, then, make sure you follow these tips:

– Feed your dog on a schedule throughout the day. Don’t just give him food whenever he pleads for it or else he’ll beg all day and not feel full until much later.

– Keep an eye on your dog when you take him outside to go to the bathroom, and stop him if he starts to eat anything other than his own feces.

– Give your dog kibble before you let him out so that he has something in his stomach besides grass when he goes potty.

– Get a doggie toilet like Doggie Dooley so that all of your dog’s feces is disposed of properly. You could also build one yourself with an old trash can or plastic bucket if you feel like it.

– Give your dog a safe place to eat if you want him to have his own garden! If he’s itching for something to munch on outside, then give him freshly cut grass from the front yard or some other plant that isn’t covered in poop or other things that might make him sick.