When is a Dog Full Grown ?

Dogs are the most popular pet in the United States, but there is no universal standard for when a dog should be considered full grown. This article will explore what factors affect how long it takes your dog to grow up and how you can tell if they are fully mature.

When is a dog full grown?

It’s not an easy question to answer, there are many factors that come into play. The age at which your dog achieves adulthood depends on their breed and size. For example, tiny dogs like the Chihuahua become sexually mature between 6 months to one year old but it takes up to 3 years for larger breeds like the Great Dane to grow up.

Charging by breed misses the mark when determining when is a dog full grown because other factors also determine how fast your pup grows. Dogs that are spayed or neutered tend to develop more slowly than intact pets while certain health conditions can affect their growth rate too. Dry food diets may make small breeds look mature faster but in fact they cause them to mature much more slowly so it’s best to use a high quality, meat based food.

The older your pup gets, the longer they’ll take to develop into an adult. Most dogs are not considered full grown until 2 years of age but many never reach that stage because they don’t live long enough due to their breed or hereditary diseases that may be passed down through their bloodline. So when is a dog fully grown? It depends on what your definition is for this term!

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If you want information about how old your dog should be before you can classify it as fully mature, read below. If you are looking for specific growth rates by breed or how quickly purebred pups grow up, please visit our articles section here .