How to Tell if Your Dog is Full Grown ?

This varies greatly since there are many factors that influence when is a dog fully grown. Both large and small breeds mature at different rates so it’s impossible to say precisely how old your pup will be before they reach adulthood. There are some general guidelines which you can use as an estimate but don’t panic if your dog does not fit into them perfectly! You can use the breed average growth rate or simply watch for these signs that usually come with maturity:

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By around 2 years of age all dogs should have their full set of permanent teeth . If your pooch loses more baby teeth without any new adult ones coming in, they are probably not fully grown yet .


Mature dogs will have shinier coats while pups still have dull, coarse hair . If your dog is shedding more or less than usual this can be an early sign that it’s growing up into either a furry adult or longhaired puppy!

Weight & Height

Large breeds grow very slowly and may gain weight faster but it’s not unusual for them to weigh the same as their full grown size at 6 months old. Smaller breeds such as Pomeranians tend to mature much sooner and may reach their full size by around 9 months of age . When you feel your dog’s back , it should be strong and solid instead of bony with or without a layer of fat over it .

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Pupils & Vision

When dogs become mature enough, they are able to contract and dilate their pupils at will . By 2 years of age , most dogs have full control of both eyes which gives them sharp vision with good depth perception .

Sexual Maturity

Some female dogs are fully grown by 9 months old but most won’t reach this milestone until 14-18 months old. Males take even longer since they do not come into sexual maturity for quite some time after that! This can vary depending on the breed type, bloodline and owner influence..