What do Worms Look Like in Dog Poop ?

This article will show you what worms look like in dog poop, and how to get rid of them.

Worms are a common parasite that is often found in dog feces. They can cause an infection called toxocariasis if they are ingested by humans. If you have children, the risk of contracting the disease increases because kids tend to put their fingers or other objects into their mouths after playing with dirt (a favorite pastime for many youngsters).

The most common symptom associated with toxocariasis is eye pain which may be accompanied by blurred vision, redness and tearing. Other symptoms include headaches, fever and vomiting for up to two weeks following ingestion. It’s not necessary to panic about this disease though; it is extremely rare, and the simple action of washing your hands after playing in the dirt can help prevent it.

There have been no confirmed cases of toxocariasis being transmitted to humans from a pet dog. It has been found that most dogs don’t show any sign of having worms. They may have intestinal parasites without showing any symptoms, but they may still infect people.

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