How To Train Your Cane Corso Puppy

If you are looking for a guard dog that is also gentle and loving, look no further than the Cane Corso. This breed has been around since ancient Roman times as an all-purpose guardian dog. They have a good temperament with children, other dogs and pets alike. The only downside to this breed is their size – they can grow up to 130 pounds! That’s why it’s so important to train them from the outset not just how to behave but also on what they can do in order to be safe inside your home.

How To Train Your Cane Corso:

1) Obedience Training: You will need two people for this task – one person should hold the leash while another gives the dog the command to sit, lie down, etc. Do this with positive reinforcement such as a treat once they have successfully followed your instructions – never use physical punishment – it will only make them stubborn and less prone to listen.

2) Socialization: To help desensitize your Cane Corso from loud noises and other types of distractions you can take them on daily walks where there is plenty of commotion like children playing and low flying aircrafts or cars that pass by your home. By desensitizing them slowly but surely you ensure that they behave normally around these instances without barking excessively (which can be very intrusive).

3) Crate Training: Using a crate has several benefits both the Cane Corso and you. This is because it helps to relieve them from being anxious while also providing a safe haven for you to use during times when the dog needs calming down. Additionally, a crate can help speed up your house training efforts since dogs do not like soiling where they sleep and eat – this prevents any accidents in the long run.

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4) Walking Your Dog: You should lead your Cane Corso on a leash using basic commands such as “come” and “heel” (no pun intended). It will take time to learn but with positive reinforcement, you can consider it lesson well learned! Just make sure that you do not let them pull ahead of you otherwise their excitement could get out of hand and cause problems for you.

5) Feeding Your Dog: You should prepare your Cane Corso’s meal 30 minutes before feeding time to ensure that they are not hungry when it is time for them to eat. Moreover, using a stainless steel bowl will help avoid the development of rust which might be harmful for dogs. Keep their water sources fresh by changing them often and make sure that they are on solid surfaces otherwise there is a high chance that they could develop bloat which requires surgery if it is untreated!

How To Train A Cane Corso Puppy:

1) Use Treats: If you use treats with your Cane Corso puppy then you can encourage them to perform certain actions such as sitting or lying down. As a result, they will do it more often since you have shown them that these actions are associated with a reward.

2) Keep Them Active: A Cane Corso puppy will need to be entertained most of the time whether it is from playing with their own toys or from going on walks. This way, they will not become destructive in your home and is also good for helping them find out which activities they prefer so you can cater to it in order to keep them happy!

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3) Play With Them: Make sure that your Cane Corso gets plenty of mental stimulation while playing around because this helps them let down some steam and prevents any pent up frustration from developing into bad behavior. Moreover, having fun allows the pup to bond with you and encourages them to trust you more which is important especially if they are ever to become service dogs for the disabled.