What Makes A Cane Corso Tick

The Cane Corso’s loyalty can be traced back to their ancestry as they were bred to work alongside the shepherd on his farmsteads. The breed was developed in Italy during the 16th century but it’s unclear how much mixing there was between these dogs and other breeds at the time. Today, they are still used as guard dogs or even hunting dogs depending on what you want from them. This article will take a closer look at this magnificent breed so that you can decide if one is right for your household!

What Makes A Cane Corso Tick ?

1) Boredom: This breed of dog needs to be stimulated mentally on a constant basis otherwise they will start causing destruction in your home, disrupting whatever routine it may have established over time. For example, chewing on things or barking at whatever crosses their path – this might not seem like much but over time, it can turn into very annoying behavior! Therefore avoid taking your eyes off them for too long because it could end up affecting their mental health.

2) Poor Socialization With Other Dogs And Pets: Just like children who need to be socialized at a young age, dogs also need to go through this phase so they can get used to being around other creatures. Therefore if you have a Cane Corso puppy then introducing them to other pets and especially different dog breeds is crucial for their development. Sooner or later, the pup will become comfortable around these scenarios and not consider other canines as a threat!

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3) Medical Causes: There might be certain conditions that your Cane Corso could have been born with which causes them to behave in ways that are unacceptable such as aggression or anxiety disorder. In which case, you should visit a veterinarian who specializes in behavior counseling because he or she may just know what steps you need to take moving forward.