How To Train Australian Shepherd Dog

Australian shepherds are first and foremost herding dogs. They were bred to work alongside sheep herds in order to keep the animals together and moving in the desired direction. It is important that Australian shepherds are properly socialized at an early age so that they will not be afraid of strange people, animals, or sounds.

Shepherd dogs should also be taught basic obedience commands such as “sit” and “come.” The more obedient your dog is, the easier it will be for you to train him or her. Australian shepherds should never be allowed to roam freely because their natural instinct is to herd anything on four legs including cats, squirrels, children, cars, motorcycles, bikes-anything! If your dog is allowed to run free-and isn’t kept on a leash-he or she may chase after an animal and might not stop until they’ve herded it into someone’s garage or under a car. This can be hazardous and you could find yourself with a dead cat, squirrel, child, etc.

The reason your Australian shepherd gives you “the look” when he or she wants something is because the breed was bred to return home at night with the flock. If for some reason they lost sight of their master all day they would go back to where the sheep were last seen and wait there for them. It is important that you teach your dog what “home” means so that he or she will always know where their bed is.

Australian shepherds are very smart but can be stubborn when it comes to training because their instinct is to do things their own way. They may act like they don’t understand what you’re trying to teach them, when in reality they probably just don’t want to do it your way! When training your dog reward him or her with food or praise so that the behavior in which you are looking for will be repeated. If the behavior isn’t repeated in a reasonable amount of time try changing your approach and try something different. Be patient and consistent when it comes to training, this breed loves challenges and will not give up until he or she figures out what you want from them. No matter how much they give “the look,” the bottom line is that they must listen to you in order to be a happy, well adjusted dog.

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Australian shepherds love attention so don’t be surprised if your dog follows you from room to room when you’re home. This breed also has a tendency to become jealous of other dogs and even children or adults that receive more attention than they do. It is important that your Australian shepherd receives at least an hour of strenuous exercise every day because their energy levels are very high.

A tired Aussie is a good Aussie! If he or she doesn’t get enough exercise they may become very destructive around the house ranging from chewing on furniture and carpeting to digging up flowers, flower, and lawns looking for something to do. Although a tired aussie is a good aussie, they still need time to be a dog…they need time to run around and play with their toys or other dogs.