How To Train Greyhound Dog

A dog that has been bred for speed, agility, and stamina is called a Greyhound. This article is all about how you can train this breed of dog to be well-behaved and obedient.

The first thing to do when training your Greyhound is to make sure they are getting the exercise they need each day. It is important because the dog needs the exercise to release their pent-up energy in a safe way. You might want to consider taking them running or playing fetch with them on a regular basis.

Next, teach your dog obedience commands just like you would teach any other dog. The best way to get started with this is by spending some time teaching them how to play dead peacefully on command just so you can get them used to obeying when you give them a command. Once they are familiar with obeying when you give this command, it will be easier for you to teach the dog other obedience commands in the future.

The third part in training your Greyhound is socializing them. This breed of dog likes time alone and will run away from strangers if not properly introduced and socialized at an early age. If your dog is aggressive or timid without much provocation then that could be because they were never properly socialized as puppies. Socialization does not happen overnight, but it should start before your puppy turns six months old. The more time spent with different types of people around, the better chance there is of teaching your pup how to act around all kinds of people.

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Being well-behaved and obedient is what you want for your canine companion. When they can obey your commands then it makes life easier for both of you. Remember that training them takes time just like any other dog, but if you take the time to properly train them you will be rewarded with many happy years together as a team.