How To Train Pitbull

Pitbulls are a family of dogs that descend from the English Bulldog and American Staffordshire Terrier. Pitbulls have both a stocky body and a muscular build.

The following is a list of some tips to help you train your pitbull:

Take your dog to obedience training for at least six months in order to achieve the highest degree of obedience. This is an important step if you want to avoid conflict with other people or animals because obedience training will teach your dog how to behave in any situation. How long it takes to become obedient depends on one main factor — the dog’s breed. Some breeds are more naturally obedient than others, so be sure you know what kind of dog you’re getting into.

Exercise your pitbull a lot to prevent boredom and destructive behavior. Boredom, fear, anxiety and depression are all causes of misbehavior in dogs. Give her enough exercise so that she is tired at the end of the day or give her a job to do such as learning tricks or going for chase games with a Frisbee® toy. If you don’t have enough time to take her out every single day, try playing games with her inside such as fetch and tug-of-war.

Give your pitbull a firm “no” when disciplining them, and make it clear to them why you’re disciplining them (i.e: they were barking, or chewing on the furniture). Don’t scream at the dog because it will only confuse him and lead him to believe that he did something wrong by accident. By reprimanding your dog in an angry tone of voice, you may also encourage future bad behavior such as biting or tormenting cats or kids. Be consistent with how you discipline your pitbull so that she knows what behaviors are acceptable and which ones will result in punishment.

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Reward good behavior immediately after it occurs — this makes dogs very happy and more likely to repeat the behavior again.

Punish bad behavior immediately after it occurs — this will make your dog feel uncomfortable and less likely to repeat the undesired behavior again in the near future.

When you are training your pitbull, always be calm but firm. Do not get stressed out if your dog becomes aggressive towards you during training because every member of the family should participate in training her. If you become too emotional, she’ll pick up on your emotions and lose respect for you as a trainer. Make sure everyone in your family is familiar with her obedience routines so that when commands or reprimands come from other members, they know what’s going on and why certain things are being said done. Trust me: When you’re having a bad day and feel like screaming at the dog, your family members will remember that you were disciplining her for something she did wrong and will not misunderstand your actions.

Do not allow your pitbull to make decisions for herself because she has the tendency of turning aggressive and attacking other animals whenever she wants (i.e: jumping on them without warning). As a result of this type of behavior, there are many cases where pitbulls attack children or even their owners by mistake — they didn’t mean to do it; they just wanted someone to play with them! If you want to keep yourself and others safe from harm, then be sure that your dog knows that you decide when they can or cannot interact with certain people in certain situations.

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If you are training your dog to attack, be sure that you can control her when she’s in the “attack mode” before you attempt anything like this. If not, then she may end up attacking someone at random without any warning whatsoever. The last thing anyone would want is having their dog attack them for no reason — even household pets aren’t safe! So if you do train your pitbull to attack, always make sure that you’re in control of her behavior when she’s in an aggressive mood.