How To Train German Shepherd

Basic obedience training is important when it comes to dogs. Most breeds are very intelligent animals but they won’t know what is expected of them unless someone shows them. Many owners use food as a reward during basic training which seems to work very well in many cases. However, some dogs don’t respond well to this form of positive reinforcement. You should always get your puppy used to the leash by putting it on them early in their life and then taking them out for walks. Many owners use the “heel” command while they are walking to help reinforce this behavior. These steps will create a dog that is easier to control than one who does not know what is expected of it or one that has not been trained using positive reinforcement methods.

Training Tips

When you are potty training your new German shepherd, there are few house rules he should be able to follow before you allow him free access throughout your home. Generally, puppies will need to defecate after eating, drinking or waking up from a nap. If these events take place outside, provide your pup with an area that you want him to choose as his bathroom area.

After a short time, your pup will associate this area with going potty and do so even when he is taken outside. Be sure to thoroughly clean the soiled areas of your home until they are no longer attractive to your German shepherd as a bathroom spot or he may still use them as such. In addition, you should not allow him free access throughout the house until he is fully potty trained for at least a week.

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How To Train A Dog – Here’s How!

There are many things involved in learning how to train a dog . One important thing to remember is that it isn’t just about training your dog but also about creating a good relationship between the two of you. Training your dog should be fun so approach it with enthusiasm and patience.

Start teaching your dog using good quality treats which are small, soft, tasty and smelly. Also make sure they aren’t too hot before giving them to the dog – if they are then the dog will just ignore them or won’t want any more of that particular treat later on.

You’ll need a clicker as well as treats when training your dog . A clicker is basically a little plastic device that makes a clicking noise when you press it down – it’s used because dogs quickly learn what this sound means and will consequently associate it with something positive happening for them which encourages learning. When you’ve got hold of some tasty treats, show them to your dog and click the device once. Say “yes” and give him a treat, then click again and say “yes” before giving him another treat. This is called clicker training .

After your dog has got used to this new experience you can start giving the command of choice – in this case it will be “come”. Click and say “come” followed by some really tasty treats for your pup while he’s still on his lead or even better while he’s sat down near where you are standing so that you can keep him under close supervision. Click again when he comes over to get his reward and repeat this until he starts coming towards you before you give the signal (click).

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You need to train your dog slowly at first and you’ll find that he will soon learn the commands “come” and “stay” with relative ease.