How to Stop a Dog from Eating Poop ?

What should you do if your dog has started eating poop?

It’s not a pleasant topic, but it’s one that many pet owners have to deal with. Having a dog eat feces is called coprophagia and can be caused by stress or other medical conditions such as diarrhea or parasites. Dogs who eat their own stool may also suffer from anxiety because they are unable to control their bowel movements.

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It’s important to take action immediately when you notice this behavior in your pup so the problem doesn’t get worse and cause long-term health issues like malnutrition, weight loss and anemia. Here are some steps you can take today to stop your dog from eating poop:

1) Keep Your Dog on a Regular Eating Schedule

Dogs who eat poop may be acting out of stress because they are hungry and don’t know when their next meal will come. Their instincts make them feel like they need to eat as much food as possible when it is available. If you’re away from home for long periods of time, feed your dog at the same times everyday so he knows how long he has to wait until his next meal.

2) Never Punish Your Dog for Eating Poop

Punishing a dog that tries to eat feces can cause him more anxiety and stress which may lead him to do it again in order to get attention. Instead of yelling or punishing your dog, try distracting him with a toy or treat after discovering what he had been doing.

3) Find Out If Your Dog Has a Medical Condition

If your dog is eating poop chances are he may have a medical condition such as parasites or a digestive issue. Parasites can be passed from animals to humans and it’s important to make sure your whole family has been checked for these conditions by their doctor. In some cases where the dog has loose stools, you can try switching up his diet to something that contains probiotics which will help firm up his stool and ease bowel movements. You can also add pumpkin or Beano into your pooch’s food to stop diarrhea from leading him to eat poop whenever he gets stressed about going outside.

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4) Keep Up With Your Dog’s Health Checkups

Make sure your dog is up to date on all of his shots and meet with your veterinarian for regular checkups. This way if there is an underlying medical issue causing him to eat feces, you’ll catch it early before any damage occurs. When your pup comes into contact with other animals or people that have parasites then they can transfer these diseases.

5) Don’t Punish Your Dog Just Because He’s Eating Poop

Some dogs eat their own stool because they are anxious about going outside or controlling their bowel movements. If this describes your pooch, make sure he has a safe area in the house where he’s allowed to go without being scolded or punished when he does go . Reward him with treats and extra time playing outside when he uses his designated area.

6) Train Your Dog to Ignore Other Animals

If your dog shares a home with another animal, then there may be rivalry that causes him to eat feces when he’s stressed out. One way you can resolve this issue is by training your dog to sit and stay every time he comes into contact with the other pet until you tell him it’s okay to move on . If they are fighting within the house, make sure each pet has their own space where they are able to spend time alone or away from one another.

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7) Try Adding Some Yogurt & Baking Soda To Your Dog’s Diet

Studies have shown that adding yogurt with active cultures or baking soda to your pup’s diet willhe digestive system of your dog so he’s less likely to eat his own stool. You can also try adding some pumpkin puree into their meals which will firm up their stool and reduce instances where they would feel the need to eat feces.

8) Get A Professional Trainer

If these steps are not working, then you may have to get a professional trainer or behaviorist who can come into your home and properly assess what is causing this issue in your pet. Some dog trainers offer in-home training services for this type of problem while others might suggest taking your pooch to doggy daycare when you leave for work during the day. No matter what step you take make sure you’re keeping your eye on the one thing that matters most – Your dog’s happiness and well-being.

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9) Keep Your Dog Occupied With Challenging Toys

If your pooch is bored or anxious when you’re not around, then he might start to eat his own stool in order to pass the time. In this case, make sure you have a safe area in your home where he can go without being allowed outside until after all of his meals are over . Train your dog with toys that will keep him busy while inside such as treat dispensers or interactive games that require their concentration and focus. Treats can also be used as a reward for going outside to eliminate on the potty pad instead of eating their own feces.

10) Feed Your Pet Food That Containsiotics

Adding probiotics into your dog’s diet can help ease his digestive system and prevent him from eating his own stool. Anytime your dog has loose stools or is having issues with constipation, this should be the first thing you switch to . You can also add Beano or pumpkin puree into their food which will reduce instances of them wanting to eat feces when they get anxious about going outside.

11) Keep Your House Clean On A Daily Basis

Daily cleanings are important for keeping the home odorless and sanitary so that there are no areas where other animals may have left feces behind that your pooch might want to eat up. If you don’t feel like cleaning every day, then at least make sure you’re getting rid of any piles that accumulate in your yard or in your dog’s designated area every few days.

12) Don’t Confine Your Dog To A Crate

Dogs shouldn’t be confined to a crate for too long because it can cause them stress and anxiety, leading them to eat feces while you’re not around. Instead of putting your pooch in a crate when you leave for work, try getting him one of these diversion toys that will keep him busy while alone and prevent any bad habits from starting:

13) Have Your Vet Check Out Your Pet’s Poo

If none of the other steps are working then it may be time for you to see if there is anything physically wrong with your pet’s stool. Your vet can perform a test where he will analyze your dog’s feces to see if there are any underlying issues that might be causing his digestive system to not work the way it should. This is one of the most important steps because if your pet does have parasites or something else in their body that they need removed, then you don’t want them to eat it and potentially get sick.

14) Take Your Dog To Daycare

If none of these steps are working for you and this has been going on for months , then maybe taking your dog to daycare when you have to leave in the morning might help break this habit. At doggy daycare he’ll be around other dogs all day long so he won’t have time to eat his own feces or lick up any other animals waste. Make sure you do your research on the daycare facilities before taking your dog there so you know they are reputable and will properly take care of him when he’s in their custody .

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15) Keep Your Pup Active

Dogs who get plenty of exercise during the day won’t have time to eat up feces while out in the yard. Whether it be a walk around the block, playing fetch with a ball or frisbee, or anything else that can help them expend some energy , make sure you’re keeping your pup active at all times so he doesn’t have any reason to turn to non-food related items to eat.

16) Show Your Dog More Love

To improve your bond and make sure your pup doesn’t feel like he has to eat feces for attention, make sure you spend plenty of time playing and cuddling with him every day . This will not only keep him from seeking negative attention but will also help strengthen your connection as a pack so that you can better communicate with each other.

17) Don’t Punish Your Pet Or Scold Them

Dogs don’t equate scolding or punishment as something bad because they’re looking at it much differently than how we would see this type of behavior. For example, if they do something bad then their owner might yell or even hit them which makes no sense to the dog whatsoever since they were just trying to get attention . Even though you want your pet to not eat poop anymore , it’s important that you don’t punish them for this behavior because they won’t have any idea what they did wrong and will only end up associating the punishment with you.

18) Consistency Is Key

One of the most important things when it comes to training your pooch is consistency because otherwise they’ll be completely lost when it comes to what you expect from them. If they don’t know that there are consequences for eating their feces , then no matter how many times you scold them or put them in time-out, nothing will change. By being consistent in all situations, eventually your dog start to learn what behavior is acceptable and what isn’t so the next time they feel the urge to eat their poop or lick up some other pet’s waste, they’ll have a better understanding of what consequences this type of action will have on them.

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