Can Dogs eat Bananas? Find Out Here

Dogs are carnivores, meaning that their natural diet consists of meat not plant material. However, all breeds of dog can eat bananas as long as they are given in limited quantities and don’t replace a dog’s regular meal plan. A banana is healthier for dogs than candy or chocolate which will cause an upset stomach if ingested by your pup.

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1) Bananas aren’t toxic to dogs like raw potatoes and onions are but they still should be given sparingly (never more than one per day).

2) Dogs with pancreatitis or other digestive problems should avoid eating any fruit at all due to its high sugar content; the sugar could exacerbate these ailments.

3) Bananas contain some protein and fiber which make them a healthy addition to your dog’s diet.

4) On the flip side, bananas have lots of vitamin B6 which can damage a dog’s red blood cells if consumed in large quantities so again feed sparingly.

5) Bananas are usually mashed up before giving them to dogs for easy digestion but even then they will still likely give your pup a stomach ache.

6) Bananas can be a great source of vitamin B12 for older dogs with poor appetites or those on restricted diets who have ailments that affect the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

7) You can give your dog a small banana as a treat but it isn’t safe to replace their regular meal plan so don’t let them eat more than one per day. These are some conditions where feeding bananas might not make much sense:

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-If you’re already giving your pup other fruits like apples, blueberries, oranges and strawberries (because these are healthier choices). -If they’re likely to swallow the peel whole or in large pieces because this can cause an obstruction in their intestines. -If they have trouble digesting fruit because this can lead to gas, bloating and upset stomachs.

In conclusion, bananas are a safe source of carbohydrates for dogs as long as you give them in moderation and don’t replace your dog’s regular meal plan with bananas. As long as they are peeled beforehand, mashed up or cut into small pieces, there is no danger involved in feeding banana to your canine friend. They are even healthy treats when given once daily but don’t overfeed it.

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