Can Dogs Eat Avocado?

Dogs are not the only ones that can’t eat avocado. The avocado contains persin, which is toxic to many animals including rabbits, birds and horses. This fruit also has a high fat content, so it could lead to obesity in dogs or other animal companions. It would be best if you cut off the seed before feeding your dog an entire avocado at once! However, they can have small portions of this fruit with no problems as long as the seed has been removed.

Many people think that dogs can eat avocado whenever they want, and sometimes feed it to their pets as a treat. The truth is that avocado is not good or even safe for dogs, and it’s best to keep this fruit away from them all together! Although the flesh of an avocado seems innocent enough for our canine companions to munch on, the skin and pit contain persin which may cause vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing and more serious complications in your pet.

What Type Of Avocado Is Dangerous?

There are over 1,000 types of avocados throughout the world; however there are only 3 major varieties that you should be looking out for: Mexican , Guatemalan , and West Indian . All three aforementioned types of avocado have the highest levels of persin.

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Not all avocados are bad for your dog, but it’s best to avoid giving them any type of avocado in order to be safe. If you suspect that your pup has eaten an avocado or a piece from inside one, call your veterinarian ASAP! Symptoms may not arise immediately after consumption, so there is no time to waste when it comes to getting treatment for your pet.

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Is There A Way To Keep Avocadoes Away From Dogs?

Yes! In fact there are many ways that you can keep this fruit away from dogs and other animals. It is important that you do not share any part of an avocado with a canine under any circumstances. Here are some tips on how you can keep your dog safe.

1) First, know what types of avocado are harmful to dogs so that you do not accidentally give them any part of the fruit. The easiest way to tell if it is an edible type or a poisonous one is by looking at color. If it is green, then consider it poisonous and if it is black/bright green with brown spots, then it should be fine for your pet to eat! However, if there’s any doubt about which type you have, just throw it out . Even though some varieties may be okay for your dog to eat , why take the chance? You will feel better knowing that they didn’t get any avocado off of the table.

2) Keep your furry companion away from plants and trees that produce avocados! If you have a yard, make sure there is not an avocado tree growing in it. They may look beautiful and harmless but the fruit they bear can seriously harm your pet. Keeping them indoors will also help as they will be less likely to eat the plant itself as long as it isn’t laying on the ground or within their reach.

3) If you want to give your dog some type of fruit, stick with safe options like apples , blueberries , and bananas . These fruits are perfectly fine for even small dogs to eat and will not cause any significant problems for your four-legged friend unlike avocado would. Be sure to cut off any seeds from these three fruits, just to be extra safe.

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4) Make sure that you never throw avocado pits or leaves in the trash! Not only are these items dangerous for your dog, but they also may cause obstructions if ingested by any animal. If you are not sure what to do with them, either throw them out with the garbage, bury them in the yard , or flush them down the toilet . Whatever method you choose, make sure they are far away from where your dog might find it and be wary of the negative effects avocado can have on pet health.

5) Be aware of what foods contain avocado! Do not assume that all human food is okay for dogs to eat just because one component of it is harmless. For example, guacamole contains avocado and is a popular food for both humans and dogs. Although it may be safe to eat, there are other ingredients in there that can be harmful. This particular human food should not be fed to your dog under any circumstances.

6) Keep your dog’s immune system healthy! While this fruit may not be the best thing for them, their immune system also plays an important role in keeping avocados out of their system . Just like you do when they get sick, make sure they get enough rest , exercise , healthy food , and water . This will reduce the risk of them getting sick or having negative effects if by chance they do ingest some type of avocado fruit.

7) If you find out that your puppy has eaten some type of avocado, take them to a veterinarian immediately! While the fruit may not be a toxic one for canines, it certainly is able to cause some serious stomach issues. The best way to prevent this from happening is by keeping your dog from even being exposed in the first place.

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8) If you have an older pet that has been diagnosed with cancer or another illness requiring medical treatment , please read this article for information on how avocados can help with dealing with their condition .