Can Dog Eat Grapes?

Can Dogs Eat Grapes?

Dogs can eat grapes, but it is not recommended. The problem with feeding your dog grapes, or any other fruit for that matter, is the risk of them getting diarrhea and having to go to the bathroom in their own house. If you feed your dog something like a grape or apple core they may swallow seeds which could lead to choking on those seeds. There are no nutritional benefits whatsoever from feeding your dog fruit so it should be avoided at all costs.

On top of this there are many fruits that dogs cannot eat such as avocados because they contain persin which can cause stomach upset and vomiting in pets if ingested even in small amounts. Persin is also present in nectarines so these should be avoided as well. If you are ever unsure of whether it is ok for your dog to eat something always ask your veterinarian first.

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Grapes Are Toxic To Dogs

Can dogs eat grapes? The short answer is no, but there may be exceptions. For the most part, grapes and raisins can cause acute (sudden) kidney failure in dogs. It has been assumed that the toxic principle is within the seeds; however, at this time it is unknown what specifically causes the damage. Toxicity does not depend on species (human vs animal); therefore, ingestion by any non-human mammal warrants concern.

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All types of grape products have been reported to cause similar toxicity, including grape-flavored gum or candy, grape-flavored soda, and dehydrated or fresh grape and raisin pups and treats. All forms of grape-containing products seem to be toxic no matter if they are seedless or not – the exact concentration has yet to be determined.

Severe poisonings have been reported after as little as a single serving size of grapes or raisins (about 0.5 ounces), although most reports involve smaller amounts such as 1/4 cup per 20 pounds of body weight. Although ingestion of these products can be very serious, it is still recommended that you contact your veterinarian immediately if you suspect your dog has consumed any fruit or candy. Delaying treatment can result in a worsening of your pet’s condition, including severe kidney damage or death.