7 Facts About Dog Play that Can Keep your Paws Safe

Did you know that there are 7 different ways your pup can injure you? Here are seven things everyone should know about dog play so you can keep your paws safe!

A Lot of Dog Play is Affectionate, But Keep Your Distance

Many people think dog play involves fighting, but the reality is that most dogs are playing to get affection. This means they will be extra persistent when they want attention! Make sure you’re in a safe place before allowing your pup to approach you during play time. It’s also important to keep an eye on your dogs if you have more than one. If two dogs are fighting over a toy or bone, separate them immediately and end the play session for now!

Stay Prone During Playtime If You Have Arthritis

Falling down can make arthritis flare-up , which is very painful for dogs with this condition, too. Arthritis is common for older dogs, but it can also happen to younger pups. You don’t want to cause your dog any pain and you sure don’t want arthritis to get worse! As much as you love playing with your pup, stay on the ground while they play. This way you won’t hurt yourself or worsen their condition.

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Playtime Can Lead to a Broken Bone

You know how rough puppies get during playtime, so think about what would happen if you were playing with them and they accidentally stepped on your foot. That’s exactly how easy it is for a dog to break a human bone! If one of your dogs accidently steps on your foot or hurts you in another way, stop playing right away.

You Can Play Too Rough and Hurt Your Pup

Not all play between dogs is friendly! Dog fights can be very serious so it’s important to know how to break up a dog fight, just in case. If a fight does break out during playtime, keep your distance from the dogs until you can separate them without upsetting either one even more. It’s also best to avoid wrestling with your pup because this type of roughhousing could lead to an injury for both of you if one of you slips and falls on the other.

Respect Personal Space During Fetch Time

Tug-of-war games often end in a winner and a loser, or two winners! Just make sure your pup doesn’t accidentally get caught up in the rope when you’re playing with them. Like children, dogs could get their fingers or tails tangled in the string and that will cause a lot of pain! You don’t want to pull very hard or you’ll hurt your dog’s teeth and nails, either.

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Don’t Get Too Excited Playing Fetch

You know how much fun it is to play fetch with your pup! It always makes you happy to see them so excited about a game of tug-of-war or throwing a stick for them to fetch. Unfortunately, remember how easily they could slip and fall on the ice? When it’s cold outside, keep an eye on your dog during playtime because they might slip on the ice, too. They could also run into something and hit their head because they’re not watching where they’re going.

Dog Play is Important for Socialization, but Also Keep It Under Control

Dog play can be a great way to help your pup socialize with other dogs! As long as it’s safe, try to take your dog to an off-leash dog park so they can make new friends and have fun with fellow pups. However, if you don’t have a fenced in yard or an off-leash place nearby, just playing at home can still do the trick! Make sure crates are out of reach when you’re not around ,! There are many ways your dogs could get hurt if they’re playing and you leave the room to do something else, like making a phone call or grabbing a snack!