7 food puppies that are good for their health

7 food puppies that are good for their health

Did you start caring for puppies? If so, there must be some things that you don’t know, such as about puppies.

From birth until 1 month, puppies need to consume breast milk (ASI) from the parent. After that, they can eat other dog food, including human food.

Usually, puppies also need to be given food at least 4 times a day to meet their nutrients, you know. However, as dogs grow into adulthood, you can reduce their mealtime.

It is intended that your favorite pet does not experience obesity later. You also need to regulate food for puppies to grow well, healthy, and active.

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Then, what are the foods for puppies?

If you are confused about what to feed or snack for your favorite puppies, see the following.

1. Bread

You can give bread to puppies, you know. However, be sure to provide him with white bread without any toppings. Bread will not hurt the health of the puppies but pay attention to the nutrition of the bread.

It’s better to avoid giving the bread you buy at the store because it can have a preservative and is not suitable for dogs. You can provide him with homemade bread that is more hygienic and guaranteed.

2. Corn

Did you know that it turns out that most dog food uses corn as its main ingredient you know? So, you can also give corn to puppies as a snack.

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However, make sure you have thrown away the cob. If accidentally eaten, it will cause blockages in the dog’s small intestine.

You can also provide popcorn for puppies, you know. However, avoid adding a flavoring to any taste, Rappers.

3. Eggs

Not only for human health, it turns out that eggs are also good for the health of your puppies, you know. However, make sure the eggs have been cooked wholly cooked, yes.

If you consume immature eggs, your dog can experience abdominal pain to a lack of biotin.

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Whereas cooked eggs have a good protein content for the digestive health of puppies.

4. Fish

Fish turned out to contain amino acids and fat that are good for puppies’ health. However, before giving it to the dog, make sure you cook it carefully and throw the bones.

The best fish for dogs are salmon and sardines. Salmon contains many vitamins and protein, while sardines have soft bones and are delicate, so puppies quickly digest them.

Although good for dogs, you still need to limit fish consumption. You can only give it a maximum of 2 times a week so that the fat in the dog’s body is not excessive.

5. Honey

It is undeniable that honey has extraordinary properties, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, to antioxidants. No wonder honey is also good for the health of puppies.

You can give a little honey to dog food to help reduce the risk of allergies. Love can also increase the immune system of puppies and treat injuries to the dog’s body.

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6. Canned food

At the age of 1 month, the dog begins to experience the transition from consuming its mother milk to regular food. You can give him soft and wet canned food for the initial stage.

Avoid directly giving him foods with solid textured or dry dog ​​food. This will only make your puppies suffer from stomachache or diarrhea.

7. Dry food

After the dog begins to be biased against eating canned food, you can start mixing it with dry dog ​​food.

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However, make sure to choose food that suits your dog yes. Usually, dog food has different ages or dog species.

For example, if you have poodle-type puppies, you need to buy a special Puppy Puppy Dog Food under 1 year. This aims to make nutrition in the food according to your dog’s needs.