Easy Ways to Care for Mini Pom Dogs

Easy Ways to Care for Mini Pom Dogs

“The mini pom dog is a dog that belongs to the toy breed. Its distinctive feature is that it has a small body size. Originating from Poland and Germany, this dog is widely used for herding sheep. Not only that, but this one dog is also an agile watchdog.”

Another characteristic of the mini pom dog is its two coats of fur on its body. The underside is soft and thick fur, while the top is coarser. At first glance, its small body size makes this dog easy to maintain, right? However, no different from other types of dogs, certain ways need to be considered when caring for this dog. Anything?

Keeping Ears Clean

First, always pay attention to the cleanliness of the ear area. The thick fur makes it easy for dirt to accumulate between the ears. How to clean it can be done by using a cotton swab that you have given a cleaning fluid that does not contain alcohol.

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However, avoid inserting the device into the ear because it can cause ear damage if the cleaning device goes too deep.

Nail Hygiene

In addition, nail hygiene is also important in caring for this little dog. Regularly trimming your nails is one way of taking care of them. The trick, lift the dog’s paws slowly from the back so that the dog will bend the joints of his legs.

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You can also pull the sole forward, but this may be more difficult. When cutting nails, it is best not to go too deep and leave about 4 to 5 millimeters to protect the inside of the pin.

Bathing the Dog

Bathing a mini pom dog can be done using warm water. Soak part of the dog’s body and water slowly. Avoid getting water into the ears and eyes because it can be irritating. Bathe when your dog is visibly soiled or at least once a week.

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This little dog has a lot of energy, so you need to take the time to train it, so it doesn’t get sluggish and stays healthy. Taking a walk or playing in the yard can be an effective way of channeling energy. Do it when the dog has entered the age of two or three months.


Feeding mini pom dogs can be done three times a day. Choose feed that has nutritional content according to the age and needs of the dog. To make it easier for your dog to digest the dry food given, you can soak it for a while to make the texture softer. Avoid sharing food that humans consume, yes!

Hair Care

Dust and dirt stuck to the body of a mini pom dog are normal because this little dog has thick fur. So, you should regularly clean the skin at least twice a day. Ignoring the health of a pom dog’s coat can lead to tangles and breakage.

Dental Hygiene

Cleaning a dog’s teeth is more than just removing dirt. This treatment activity is also carried out to prevent infections in the teeth and mouth which can be fatal.

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Use a brush and toothpaste specially formulated for dogs when cleaning their teeth. Avoid brushing your teeth too hard because your dog’s gums are sensitive. If you are in doubt, take the dog to a veterinary care center so that it can be maximized.

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It’s okay to let your dog run around the house and yard, but you should still provide him with a bed. Please choose a suitable cage for its body size; make sure the pen has good air circulation to maintain the dog’s health.

Those were some simple ways to care for mini pom dogs that you need to know.