Here's How Dogs Express Sadness

Here’s How Dogs Express Sadness

For dog lovers, having an active, cheerful, and cheerful dog is a joy. This can indicate the dog is in good health, both physically and mentally. However, not only humans; in fact, dogs can feel sadness.

Various factors can cause a dog to feel sad. Starting from a new environment, uncomfortable situations, health problems, and even changes in the dog’s daily schedule can make dogs feel sad. For that, you should know how dogs express sadness so that you can deal with this condition well.

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Know-How Dogs Express Sadness

Not only humans but dogs are also pets that can experience feelings of happiness, sadness, and disappointment. However, according to Linda Simon, a veterinarian who works as a veterinary consultant at The Pets, crying is not a dog’s way of expressing sadness.

So, how do dog owners know that the dog is sad? Here’s how dogs express their sadness:

The Dog Looks Tired

Most dogs who feel sad will spend more time lying down and avoiding interaction with other people. Dogs will look unmotivated or refuse when invited to play by their owners. If your dog shows any of these signs, you should immediately treat it by taking the dog for a leisurely walk outside. Fresh air is considered effective enough to improve a dog’s mood.

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Changes in Appetite

If your dog usually looks excited when you give him food, a sad dog will experience a change in appetite. Usually, this condition will cause the dog to touch the box less often.

Dogs Make Moaning Sounds

When your dog makes a moaning sound for a long time, you should pay more attention to your beloved dog. Moaning can be a way for your dog to express his sadness. When the dog experiences this condition, there is nothing wrong with the owner giving the dog more hugs or touches to make the dog more comfortable.

Behavior Changes in Dogs

Similar to dogs, when experiencing stress or depression, sad dogs can also show behavioral changes. Dogs may become more aggressive or afraid of their owners. Not infrequently, dogs who experience deep sadness will experience shaking in their bodies. For that, pay attention to the dog’s mental health condition every day so that the dog’s health runs optimally.

These are some common signs that your dog is experiencing deep sadness. Of course, this condition can be avoided by addressing the problems that make the dog feel sad.

Don’t worry; dogs usually return to feeling happy or normal after a few days or months. The most important thing to restore the dog’s condition is always to accompany, give attention, and invite him to do activities with the dog.

You can also do further examinations at a veterinary hospital if the signs of sadness your dog is experiencing last for a long time. Not only that, unresolved feelings of sadness can cause various health problems in dogs.

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