Why Won't Dogs Bark

Why Won’t Dogs Bark?

Having a pet is one of the things that many people do nowadays. One of the most popular animals as pets is the dog. There are many things that you need to pay attention to as a keeper in raising pets.

One of them is the habit of barking at dogs. When your dog doesn’t bark, you need to determine what’s causing it. It could be that he is lazy or is suffering from certain health problems. Take note, here are some reasons why dogs don’t bark.

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Lazy Dogs Bark

Lazy Dogs Bark

A dog that does not bark can signify that he is lazy to do this. A bad day mood can cause a lazy dog ​​to bark, or he is in an uncomfortable or too comfortable state. So, always pay attention to his attitude, okay? The reason is that barking is a form of communication made by dogs to show whatever they are feeling.

The Dog is Sick

The Dog is Sick

A dog that does not want to bark could be because he feels pain in his body. The pain that is felt causes the dog not to have enough energy to bark. In addition to being weak and unable to bark, try to pay attention to the appetite for food and the texture of the density of the stool. If his desire is reduced and the consistency of his chair is runny or very hard, then the dog is experiencing certain health problems.

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Dogs Can’t Bark

Dogs Can't Bark

Dogs who can’t bark since birth are one of the reasons why dogs don’t bark. This condition is innate since he was born in the world. Dogs can not bark one of the developmental disorders in them. This is because barking is a form of dog communication with its owner. Similarly, humans have the ability or delay in speaking.

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Dogs’ Lack of Interaction

Dogs Lack of Interaction

The next reason the dog doesn’t bark is that you don’t invite him to interact. You’ve kept him in a cage for too long, so he doesn’t know how the outside world is. To overcome this, you should take the dog for a walk regularly and invite him to play together.

Dogs Feel Frightened

Dogs Feel Frightened

The reason the last dog doesn’t bark is that he’s scared. Dogs who feel excessively afraid will be able to experience psychological and physical stress, and not barking is one of the signs. To overcome this condition, as a caretaker, you need to calm him by hugging him and avoiding or avoiding the cause of fear in dogs.

These are some of the reasons why dogs don’t bark. These conditions need to be understood by every dog ​​owner. Although fairly normal, the presence of certain diseases is one of the causes of dogs not barking.

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