Dogs Can Tell When Mother Gives Birth

Dogs Can Tell When Mother Gives Birth

Many believe that dogs have a sixth sense. Mothers who have pet dogs may have seen changes in their behavior when the dog sensed danger, felt that the owner would be sick, or felt something for pregnant women.

Jeff Werber, Ph.D., president, and chief veterinarian at Century Veterinary Group in Los Angeles, says humans have 5 million receptors in the nose while dogs have 200 million receptors.

“Dogs can detect when seizures in humans can occur. When a person is hypoglycemic, dogs can detect cancer based on the “scent” they feel. One of those “scents” includes human pregnancy. More information about the dog’s instinct to know when a mother gives birth can be read here!

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Dog instincts can tell when it’s time to give birth

The part of the dog’s brain that controls smell is 40 times greater than that of humans. This is what makes dogs detect when humans are pregnant and when it’s time to give birth. This could be due to the combination of scent and changes in human behavior that dogs can capture.

Based on the experience of people who keep dogs, dogs seem to know beforehand that you are pregnant. Dogs will often nudge your stomach or rub their nose into the stomach area. In fact, at the end of the time for giving birth, the dog will always be by his master’s side, as if he knows that the time for giving birth will soon arrive.

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Meanwhile, according to a veterinary expert in New York, Abel Greenbaum, dogs can even hear babies in the womb thanks to their very sensitive hearing. However, there’s no guarantee that the dog’s unusual behaviour means it’s time for expectant mothers to prepare for labor.

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What Are the Signs that Mother Is Going to Give Birth?

Generally, based on medical records, the following are signs that the mother is about to give birth:

1. Stomach Turns Saggy

Usually, pregnant women who are about to give birth will feel the baby’s position descending to a lower place than the mother’s pelvis. The baby’s head is down and ready to give birth in this position. This position makes it easier for the mother to breathe because of the reduced pressure on the diaphragm. However, this condition puts more pressure on the pelvis and bladder, making the mother often need to take frequent breaks to the bathroom.

2. Stronger and More Frequent Contractions

Approaching the last stage of pregnancy, the mother’s uterus will be ready to give birth. Strong, more frequent contractions bring the baby closer to the birth canal and help push the baby to delivery.

There is a difference between real contractions and false contractions (Braxton-Hicks). The difference is that real contractions occur 6 times every hour, are stronger and rhythmic, and stronger at regular intervals. The actual contractions will never go away even if the mother changes positions, moves, or lies down.

3. Ruptured amniotic fluid

The fetus that grows and develops in the mother’s womb is protected by amniotic fluid. At rest, the fetus will be susceptible to infection. Therefore, when the membranes rupture, the doctor will immediately try to remove the baby from the womb.

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4. Pelvic Pain

Towards delivery, the mother’s pelvis will be more painful. The mother’s muscles and joints stretch and shift during labour. In addition, due to the downward shift of the fetus, the mother’s back and hips feel stiff and cramped.

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5. Excessive vaginal discharge

The descending position of the fetus will press and stretch the mother’s cervix to prepare the fetus’ birth canal. During this process, the blockage in the cervix will be released, which triggers vaginal discharge.

For the fetus to enter the birth canal more quickly, the mother can do several activities. Such as light physical activity to stimulate cervical dilation, avoiding sitting cross-legged and squatting, sitting on a birth ball to help the baby move down, and lying on the left side with a pillow tucked between the knees.

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