Why Do Dogs Yawn So Much

Why Do Dogs Yawn So Much?

For those of you who have a pet dog, you must have seen your pet yawn. Yes, it’s not only humans who yawn when they’re sleepy; dogs can also yawn and open their mouths wide.

Even if you pay attention again, dogs often yawn every day. However, do you know why dogs yawn? Is it true that dogs often yawn, indicating that he is sleepy? Here’s the review.

Why Do Dogs Yawn?

Why Do Dogs Yawn So Much

The exact cause of why humans and animals, such as dogs, yawn when they are sleepy is still unknown. In the past, there was an assumption that humans yawned as a way to replenish the oxygen supply to the brain. However, studies have not found evidence of this.

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Yawning has also not been proven to refresh a tired brain. In addition, because it occurs more often in a warm room, yawning is also believed to impact cooling the brain. However, it also still requires further research.

A dog yawning is not only done because he is sleepy. Sometimes, yawning can be one of their forms of communication. Here are the reasons why dogs often yawn:


Most animal trainers and behaviorists often advise pet dog owners to watch for signs of stress in their animals, one of which is frequent yawning. This is accurate information, as dogs seem to yawn frequently when anxious.

For example, during an obedience training session, dogs may yawn to show they are stressed and reveal that they need a break. Or, when you’re walking your dog and then stop to chat with the neighbors, you might notice the dog yawning a few times. This is because the dog feels uncomfortable with the person or wants to get back to walking.

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To Calm Down

Calming down can also be a reason why your dog yawns. Dogs often yawn to relieve feelings of threat. For example, if a person or other animal approaches a dog, he may avert his eyes and yawn. This is a pet dog’s way of expressing that he’s feeling threatened or anxious but not going to attack.

The dog may also yawn repeatedly while waiting at the vet’s office as a way for him to calm himself down because he is feeling nervous. Sometimes dogs also yawn to calm themselves down for something very pleasurable, like a walk. This is a way to control his enthusiasm.

Don’t Care

Yawning can also be a dog’s way of expressing that they don’t care. Often, when another aggressive dog approaches a dog, it will yawn in response to the dog. This means that the yawning dog is not interested in engaging in conflict. However, yawning is not a sign of giving up but a sign of making peace.

Yawning is also often practiced by dominant dogs and wolves. When a submissive or cowardly group member confronts them, they will often yawn to show that they don’t care about this submissive.

Contagious Yawns

Have you ever suddenly wanted to yawn when you saw someone else yawning? The phenomenon of contagious yawning is an interesting one, and it’s not just for humans; yawning is also infectious among dogs.

Dogs will yawn when they see another dog yawn or a human yawn, especially if it’s a human they know very well. Many people believe that this is a sign that dogs have empathy for both other dogs and humans.

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Well, that’s the reason why dogs often yawn. It doesn’t matter if your pet dog often yawns. However, please pay attention to situations or conditions when they frequently yawn because it could be their way of expressing something.

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