Dogs Experiencing Separation Anxiety, Here's How To Overcome It

Dogs Experiencing Separation Anxiety, Here’s How To Overcome It

Did you know that humans are not the only ones who can experience separation anxiety? Dogs can experience it too. Separation anxiety, better known as anxiety when left alone, is common in some dogs. This condition is characterized by constant barking, excessive salivation, sulking, breaking things, clawing at household furniture, and trying to run out of the room.

You have to understand how pet characters are. Sometimes, dogs pretend to be nervous or keep barking to get attention. They know very well that the owner will reprimand them if they act. Well, reprimand becomes one of the desired attention. So, how to overcome separation anxiety in dogs? Do the following steps, yes!

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1. Practice Discipline and Compliance

The first step to overcoming separation anxiety in dogs can be done by practicing discipline and animal obedience. Train pets in dos and don’ts. If done regularly, the good things that have been instilled will become a habit. If violated, the pet will usually feel guilty. To practice it, you can set aside free time once a week. Do it consistently.

2. Training to feel at home in the cage

The next step to overcoming separation anxiety in dogs is to train them to feel at home in the cage. A sense of comfort in the cell can be created if the pen is large so that the dog can move freely in it. Don’t forget to put toys and bedding in the cage. If you are not used to living in it, don’t put water and food because there is a risk of falling apart and making the cell dirty.

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If your dog is uncomfortable and barks all the time, teach your dog to be quiet by interrupting the barking. If it is done consistently and continuously, the dog will realize that what he is doing is wrong. If you decide to leave him in the cage, walk away discreetly, avoiding eye contact between owner and pet. Just walking away will make the dog not feel left out.

3. Change Owner Habits

Living with a dog will make him aware of the owner’s habits. The next step to overcoming separation anxiety in dogs can be done by using another door to leave and putting things usually used to travel elsewhere. In essence, you are advised to make a distinction so that the dog does not feel left out when you are out and about.

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Dogs don’t have to follow their owners everywhere. Pets may pay attention but should only follow when the owner requires their presence. Training some of the things mentioned above is not difficult for some dogs. But it takes more time, patience, and consistency in some spoiled dogs.

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