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Heartwarming, Sad Mother Cat Losing Her Kitten Now Happy Raising 3 Puppies

Just like humans, animals can feel sad too, my friends.

As reported by Dogstodays from the Daily Paw, this is evident from the mother cat who recently lost her kittens.

This mother cat named Kiwi recently lost her kittens and is feeling sad.

As a result, Kiwis do not want to eat and are not excited.

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The cat owner could not bear to see Kiwi sad.

Finally, the owner chose to adopt 3 cute Labrador puppies.

According to the owner, the mother of 3 labrador puppies has also passed away.

A Mother’s Love

Source: TikTok/kiwigirlxoxox

Although different species, Kiwis welcomed the presence of three puppies nearby lo.

In fact, in a matter of days, Kiwi has shown his cheerfulness.

Like having the instinct of a mother’s affection, Kiwi licks puppies that have just arrived at their home.

Kiwi’s adorable and touching behavior is always shared on social media by the owner.

Every morning, the Kiwi would wake the puppies by licking them.

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At night, Kiwi chooses to sleep with his three adopted children.

Cute Puppy

Raised by a loving cat like Kiwi, the three puppies feel at home in their new home.

Kiwis showed affection like their own puppies for the three puppies.

Until now, they live happily with their owner.

Gradually Kiwi was able to forget his sadness and became a good mother to the three puppies.

Animal Instinct

Like a mother who has the instinct to look after and protect her children, animals also have the same instinct.

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Animals also have an instinct to protect their young.

Not only cats but almost all mother animals have a certain instinct to protect their young from harm.

That is why Kiwis are so sad when they lose their children.

Thankfully, the presence of three puppies could erase Kiwi’s sadness.

With this, we understand that animals can also have feelings.

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Therefore, we must treat animals well, yes, friends.