Source: Tiktok/@cleezus

Cute! This dog acts sad when his owner scolds him for chewing sandals

An adorable golden retriever has gone viral for his hilarious reaction when caught chewing sandals on his owner.

Reporting from Newsweek (01/05/2022), this golden retriever has gone viral on the TikTok video-sharing application since Tuesday (26/04/2022) by user @cleezus.

The story is that the owner named Cleo just came home and found his sandals had been destroyed due to being chewed by his dog.

The dog named Beau also showed a guilty face and looked like he would.

Beau’s spontaneous crying act made Cleo laugh, guys.

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This cute dog shows a face like a crying person, which is adorable.

After that, Beau approached Cleo and hugged her owner.

This Beau’s active crying turned out to be interesting for other TikTok users and friends.

They were mesmerized by Beau’s acting while crying.

As the owner, Cleo also responded. “Don’t be fooled; Beau does this every time he does something naughty.”

It turns out that Beau’s crying act is a trick to get him to be forgiven by his owner, lo.

Very cute, yes!

Source: Tiktok/@cleezus

Beau’s crying act made Cleo couldn’t bear it.

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You know, other dogs also share Beau’s passion for chewing on Cleo’s sandals.

It’s no secret that dogs love to chew.

This is common in teething puppies and adolescent dogs (between 6 months and 2 years).

Beau is a dog born towards the end of 2020.

Therefore, Beau still likes to chew, including one of Cleo’s sandals, which is a victim. That’s all, yes!

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A 2021 study published in the Journal of Animal Behavior found that younger dogs prefer to chew on things like clothes and shoes.

While older dogs are more likely to chew on their bed or resting place.

However, all dogs seem to like to chew on pillows.

To stop our dogs from destroying our furniture and belongings, we can give them chew toys, bones, or sticks to nibble on.

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However, if our dog has a habit of chewing things excessively, we should immediately take him to the vet because it may be a symptom of certain diseases.