Dog gets together with all his friends to celebrate his first birthday.

Dog gets together with all his friends to celebrate his first birthday

For all furry lovers, a puppy is more than a pet; it is, without a doubt, another member of the family and often the main protagonist in gatherings with family or friends.

His presence stirs the hearts with the joy of those who decided to give him a new opportunity and make them the spoiled ones of the house, which is why, for those who madly love these adorable beings, celebrating life is a special occasion.

Puppy celebrates his first birthday next to all his friends.


For a woman, the first birthday of her beloved ball of fur could not go unnoticed, so she decided to organize a party and celebrate her day.

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The puppy’s adoptive mother prepared some treats and games. However, this was not the highlight; what made the party something special was that our furry protagonist had the presence of other puppies.

A small herd attended the party, and between food, games, and lots of fun, they accompanied Marvel, the beautiful birthday boy.

Marvel is a French bulldog who celebrated his first birthday surrounded by a very different little pack.


He celebrated his first birthday with his friends, two dogs, a cat, and a lizard. Marvel is a very spoiled and loved puppy; he enjoys sharing with other little animals and receiving pampering from his favorite person.

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Despite the differences between the guests, they all got along very well; the best thing is that they all love to eat, so they enjoyed sharing the table and delighted in every treat.


Marvel’s adoptive mother, Emma Bias, took some photos and shared them online; from left to right, we can see them. In this regard, Bias commented:

“Skye is a black Lab, and she is six years old; Neave, a three-year-old yellow Lab; Marvel, the happy birthday boy; Espurr, the one-year-old cat, and Sparrow, the four-year-old bearded lizard.


During the celebration, the little animals enjoyed some gifts, including a toy pizza with which everyone had fun and was very happy.

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Many furry lovers are used to celebrating the lives of those who came to fill their world with color.


They also played in the yard, ran free, and even played tug of war; Sparrow, for his part, was watching them from a safe distance; after all, his pace is very different from his furry friends. . Although there was a lot of fun, what everyone liked the most was the food.


Marvel’s adoptive mother took the time to prepare a special dish according to each guest.

There was a doggie cake made from oatmeal, carrots, and blueberries; it was covered with peanut butter icing; there was also cheese and chicken biscuits for the kitty and doggies.

There was a nice salad that he enjoyed at the table with his furry friends for the bearded dragon.

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It was a very intimate party where everyone could enjoy and celebrate the life of the mischievous Marvel.


This beautiful puppy celebrated his first birthday surrounded by the best company, his closest friends, and the person who loves him the most.

After two hours of fun and lots of food, everyone returned home with their owners, and the memory of those of us who lovingly contemplate this type of scenario remains. Thanks to those who make the normal something genuinely extraordinary.

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We are delighted to know that this puppy spent his special day receiving love from the sound and honey from the beautiful. Let’s remember that the most important thing is to make each furry one feel special and ensure his well-being throughout his life.