Dog says goodbye to her deceased best friend showing him that she will love him forever 8

Dog says goodbye to her deceased best friend showing him that she will love him forever

A dog has touched her owner by most adorably honoring her deceased best friend. Yari and Pepper are two adorable furry little ones who had an instant connection from when they met.

Together they spent hours of fun filling every corner of the house with joy and conquering everyone in every place they visited.

Dog visits the grave of her friend every time she misses him.


Tona González Karlsson was the woman who changed the lives of these puppies, Yari was rescued years ago, and the chihuahua mix was already older when she decided to adopt him. However, this did not limit the connection between the two.

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These beautiful furry ones were the best accomplices and unconditional friends for years. Unfortunately, Pepper’s years did not pass in vain, and her health began to deteriorate; Yari had to say goodbye to his best friend last month. In this regard, Karlsson commented:

“He was always demanding with other dogs, but they fit in. Eventually, they started playing and cuddling.

It was enjoyable because now when Yari plays with big dogs, he plays like a chihuahua.”


Yari and Pepper enjoyed years of great adventures where happiness was the protagonist in each encounter. Yari always looked up to his little older brother.

“Yari kissed him and showed his emotion every time he came back. She always wanted to be with Pepper.

Sometimes she would howl if she wasn’t in the same room as him, but they were almost always close to her.

There were never any problems between them. They seemed to love and understand each other,” Karlsson said.


Unfortunately, as Pepper got older, her health deteriorated. Her faithful friend seemed to sense that something was wrong and that her best friend was suffering.

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She tried to comfort him, and she was always by her side, not as an accomplice for new adventures, but to try to alleviate her pain.

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“Whenever Pepper was sick or after he came home from the hospital, Yari knew she had to be calm around her.

She just wanted to comfort him as much as he and I. There was a time when Pepper was sick while I was sleeping, and Yari would wake me up and look at him in a way that let me know something was wrong.”


Pepper began to suffer from several terminal illnesses, he was suffering, and his adoptive mother could not ignore this situation. Finally, Karlsson decided to end his pain and help him cross the rainbow. In this regard, he commented:

“The day before he passed away, he completely stopped eating. Yari just slept with him, caressed him, and kissed him. We put him to sleep at my parents’ house. Pepper was so sick that day that I had to carry him.”


Incredibly, just half an hour before the vet arrived, the little dog got up and walked over to the grave Karlsson’s father had dug, as if he wanted to tell his family that he was ready to say goodbye. On his last breath, Yari reached out and gently caressed him.


Pepper was already resting in peace; his body was deposited on the ground and covered with lavender and flowers from the garden; at that moment, the dog realized that her faithful friend was no longer there.

“She looked into the tomb, and obviously, I don’t know what she was thinking, but she must have known he was there.

She lay down by his grave, looking so sad that he hugged the earth. He stayed there for a while”.


In the absence of her best friend, Yari’s behavior changed utterly; that happy and energetic dog that one day seemed to vanish without the presence of her best friend.


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There was only one thing that could cheer her up, so Karlsson took action to help her beloved dog get her spirits up. In this regard, he commented:

“I took her to visit the grave at my parents’ house. She was so happy and safe sniffing the dirt.”


This dog spent five years sharing with her best friend; now, every time she misses him, her mother takes him to the grave in one of her favorite places. Resting near the grave of her friend has become her refuge and comfort.

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This adorable dog lost a friend, but she gained an angel. A part of him will be in her heart until they meet again in dog heaven.