How to train a dog not to bite things at home

How to train a dog not to bite things at home

“The habit of dogs that like to bite things is annoying, so you need to know how to train your dog at home not to bite just anything. These methods are simple but need to be done consistently to apply good habits to your pet dog.”

Biting and chewing are natural behaviors for pet dogs, but they can become an annoying habit, especially if they damage your items, such as shoes or even the couch. Therefore, you must know how to train your dog at home so that they don’t bite your favorite items.

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However, you need to know that this dog biting habit occurs when they are young. This is a young dog’s way of relieving the pain of teething. Meanwhile, older dogs chew to loosen debris from their teeth and keep their jaws and teeth strong and healthy.

This biting habit is hard to break, so instead, you need to point at what objects they can bite because chewing furniture can also be dangerous for dogs. This habit can damage his teeth due to hardwood or sharp corners, swallowing furniture paint, swallowing loose pieces of furniture, or upholstery that can damage his mouth.

How to Train a Dog at Home to Avoid Biting Things

How to Train a Dog at Home to Avoid Biting Things

There are a few tricks you need to teach them to prevent them from biting things at home:

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Teach What Can Be Chewed

How to train a dog at home not to bite the first thing is to try to be responsible for the things yourself. If you don’t want the item to be bitten by a dog, keep the right one. Keep clothes, shoes, books, trash, glasses, and remote control out of the reach of dogs. Placing trash in closets or blocking areas with items that catch their eye are the easiest ways to prevent dogs from biting things they shouldn’t.

Provide dog toys that can be clearly distinguished from household items. Please don’t give them shoes or socks as toys, because they won’t be able to tell the difference between their toy shoes and yours.

Watch Dogs

The way to train dogs at home, so they don’t bite things is to keep an eye on them consistently. This is done to chew on things that they should, such as toys. In addition, you can also close the room they shouldn’t be in.

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Give the Dog an Exercise

If dogs are bored, they will find something to do to entertain themselves. On the other hand, a healthy dog ​​also needs to do a lot of physical and mental activity. The amount of exercise should be based on their age, health, and characteristics.

Daily walks and time outdoors are very important to their health. Allowing dogs to sniff will be more training than walking them too far. For dogs who enjoy the company of other dogs, a well-run puppy daycare can be an excellent choice for high-energy puppies.

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Give Toys

You can also put their food in a puzzle toy or something. So, this can give them more toys to nibble on. If you see your dog chewing on something it shouldn’t, exchange it for an appropriate toy. If the item they chose is so enjoyable that they don’t want to exchange it, give them a snack they want to exchange.

Once your dog understands this idea, you can add a “give” command to signal them to let go of an object in exchange for a treat. Don’t force things out of your dog’s mouth, as this can develop naughty behavior when you need them.

If your puppy is teething, try freezing a rubber toy. The hard rubber will soothe their gums. Supervise puppies, so they don’t chew and swallow any bits.

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Coat Things With Things Dogs Don’t Like

Make things unpleasant for the dog. Like coating furniture and other items with a taste or smell that dogs don’t like. However, keep an eye on your dog the first time you try one of these deterrents. Some dogs will chew on an object even if it is coated with another material. Also, note that you should reapply some of these deterrents to maintain effectiveness.

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