Some Color Types of Sheepadoodle Dogs You Need to Know

A Sheepadoodle is a type of dog that is a crossbreed, or mix, between two dog breeds. They are usually crossbreeds between the Poodle and the Old English Sheepdog.

There are also Sheepadoodles that have been crossed with the Golden Retriever, Australian Shepherd or the Labrador Retriever. This may mean that there is a slight difference between each of these dogs as their appearance and personalities will vary slightly depending on the DNA makeup of their parents. However, most Sheepadoodle dogs will typically weigh somewhere between 30-60 lbs.

More often than not, Sheepadoodle dogs are known for being laid back, gentle creatures that are good with children. They have a habit of being submissive which makes them very welcoming to new people or pets they meet.

There are different types of color when it comes to the overall appearance of the dog coat. The most common colors for this type of dog are black, gray and brown. However, you can also find Sheepadoodle dogs that have been bred with other color types as well.

The following list is a short preview into the different color types associated with Sheepadoodles:

Black Sheepadoodle Dogs

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The coat of the black Sheepadoodle is pure black in color. The coat will have a lush texture and silky shine to it. They will also have dark brown eyes with long eyelashes.

Gray Sheepadoodle Dogs

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Like the name suggests, the gray Sheepadoodle breed are known for having coats that are completely gray. This can range from a light gray color to a dark shade of gray. They also have black noses and eye rims which give them a very unique appearance.

Brown Sheepadoodle Dogs

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Just as the name suggests, the brown Sheepadoodle is known for being one that has coats that are completely brown in color from head to tail tip. The hair around their eyes will also be brown in color too. Their coats are usually shinier than most Sheepadoodle dogs that have other color types.

White Sheepadoodle Dogs

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It is not common to find white Sheepadoodles, but they do exist. Like with all other breeds of dogs, the coat of a white Sheepadoodle will be pure white in color. This color can sometimes give them a blueish tint to their skin which makes it appear as though they have a very light gray coat instead.

Black and White Sheepdogoodles

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The black and white Sheepadoodle is one that has both the color gray and the color white mixed together. Their coats are usually a shade of gray that is mixed with white, but it can also be completely white in color.

Red Sheepadoodle Dogs

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A red Sheepadoodle breed have pure red coats which can range in shades. When people think of this type of coat color they automatically associate it with the Old English Sheepdog, however, it can sometimes give them a brown or mahogany tint.

Blue Merle Sheepadoodle Dogs

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One unique coat pattern that you might find when looking at a blue merle sheepadoodle is one where they have both an all over body merle coat and patches of solid black hair. This gives them an appearance that has patches of both colors throughout their entire body.

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White and Black Sheepadoodle Dogs

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Normally, when you hear the term “white and black” when it comes to describing a dog’s coat, people are talking about a color pattern for Beagles. However, in this case it is referring to a Sheepadoodle breed that has a large patch of white fur around their neck and chest with the rest being completely black.

Blue Merle and White Sheepadoodle Dogs

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The blue merle and white Sheepadoodle breed have both the patches of blue hair along with the patches of pure white throughout their body. Just like with all other color types, how much blue or how much white there is will depend on the specific puppy.10.) Red Merle Sheepadoodle Dogs – The red merle Sheepadoodle breed is one that has both patches of pure red along with the patches of white throughout their coat. Because you are dealing with two different colors, it can create a very unique appearance for this particular type of dog.

Black and Silver Sheepadoodle Dogs

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One other color type that you might find when looking at sheepadoodles is one where they have both black and silver hair mixed together throughout their body. However, this is not as common as some of the others on the list.

Sable Sheepdogoodles

This is another color pattern that makes up part of the Sheepadoodle breed but it is also common in many other breeds too. The sable color pattern is one that has patches of pure, rich brown fur throughout their body. Unlike some of the other colors, this one does not have any patches of white or gray fur on their body.

Tri-Color Sheepadoodle Dogs

The tri-color Sheepadoodles are ones that have a lovely mixture of both black and tan and blue and silver hair throughout their bodies. This creates a coat pattern that almost looks like it belongs to a German Shepherd instead. However, if you look closer at them then you can still see that they do resemble more of an Old English Sheepdog than anything else.

White and Black Tri-Color Sheepadoodle Dogs

One coat color type for the tri-color coat pattern that you might see is one where they have a lot of pure white hair mixed with the black throughout their bodies. This gives them a very unique look because it can sometimes be hard to find a Sheepadoodle with a coat pattern like this.

Black and Silver Tri-Color Sheepadoodle Dogs

Just like with all other color types, there are going to be patches of pure silver throughout the black and silver tri-color’s coats. These patches add even more depth to an already beautiful coat type that will make you fall in love when you first lay eyes on them.

Sable and White Tri-Color Sheepadoodle Dogs

A sable and white tri-color is one that has both rich brown fur along with the rich silver throughout their entire body. Together, these two color types create a coat pattern that is truly stunning to look at.

Solid White Sheepadoodle Dogs

When you are looking for an all white Sheepdogoodle there are only a few specific things they usually have in common. The first of which is that they always have black noses instead of pink ones like most dogs will have. They also always seem to have very dark brown eyes despite having this pure white body fur that covers most of their bodies.

Black and Tan Sheepadoodle Dogs

Most people often associate the black and tan color type with Doberman Pinschers but it can also be found on many other dog breeds as well including Sheepadoodles. This color type has patches of black fur throughout the coat and patches of pure tan as well. It’s a color that will remind you of many different dog breeds but it is truly unique to see on these types of dogs.

Black and White Sheepadoodle Dogs

On some rare occasions, you might find a sheepadoodle that has no white fur whatsoever on their coats which can give them an almost all black appearance. Instead, they only have the black coloring throughout their entire body instead.This is one of the most beautiful looking colors for this particular breed and if you ever get the chance to lay eyes on one then you won’t be able to say no.

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Solid Gray Sheepdogoodle Dogs

One color type that is one of the most unique among them all is one where the Sheepadoodle only has solid gray fur. This color type is extremely rare and can sometimes be hard to find if you are looking for it specifically.

Tri-Color Black and White Sheepadoodles

If you ever thought a tri-color was stunning then just wait until you see a tri-color with black and white patches throughout their entire body. Not only do these patches have beautiful tones of silver but they also have rich tones of pure black as well that give even more depth to this already amazing coat pattern.

Solid Gray Tri-Color Sheepadoodle Dogs

For those who love the tri-color coat patterns but wish they were all gray, you might want to start looking into the solid gray tri-color sheepadoodle dogs. They have an almost pure white color with patches of black and more patches of white throughout their body which looks gorgeous once they are all grown up.

Black Tri-Color Sheepadoodle Dogs

Just like the black and tan tri-color coat type, this is another one where there will be patches of brown fur mixed in with the pure black throughout their entire body. This creates a very unique look on these types of dogs that can sometimes be hard to find on other breeds.

Blue Tri-Color Sheepadoodles

With some tri-colors, there might not always be a lot of silver in their coat color types but that is definitely not the case when looking at blue tri-color sheepadoodles. They have patches of silver throughout their fur that give them an almost grayish look which adds even more depth to this beautiful dog breed.

Tan Tri-Color Sheepadoodle Dogs

Most people might only know the black and tan tri-colors by name, but there are also many other various colors to choose from including gold, red, fawn and the extremely rare one which is a tan colored tri-color sheepadoodle. This color type has rich brown tones mixed with both black and white for a truly gorgeous looking dog.

Sable/Brown Tri-Colored Sheepadoodle Dogs

A color type that is also very rare is one where the Sheepadoodle has brown patches throughout their entire body with black and white mixed in. This color type is called sable and it will give them a much more fuller fur coat than most other color types.

Fawn Tri-Color Sheepadoodle Dogs

For those who like the tri-color coat types but can’t find one in their desired colors, there are some that only have the lighter tones of gray instead of pure white fur like with most dog breeds. If you want to see even more gorgeous looking patch work then adding fawn into the mix adds another beautiful look to this amazing dog breed .

Multi-Color Sheepadoodle Dogs

These dogs are often mistaken for Dalmatians at first glance but they are actually a completely different breed. This is another one of the rarer color types that you will find on this specific dog breed since it can be hard to come across if you are looking for them specifically.

Solid White Sheepadoodle Dogs

One particular coat type that isn’t as well known among many people is when the sheepadoodles have solid white fur throughout their entire body. It’s not only extremely rare to find but it also looks very beautiful once fully grown up and can make them look much larger than they actually are.

Multi-Color Tri-Colored Sheepadoodle Dogs

If you still aren’t satisfied with all of these various color types then you might really like the multi-color tri-colors where they have even more patches of various colors throughout their fur. The addition of brown, tan and sometimes grey makes this an extremely rare yet gorgeous looking dog type .

Black/White Sheepadoodle Dogs

Another one that isn’t as well known is the black and white coat types which are also very beautiful. They are often confused for Australian Shepherds at first glance but once you see them up close it’s clear they are a much different breed.

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Solid White Tri-Color Sheepadoodle Dogs

For those who prefer only white on these dogs then this is another option you have to choose from when looking into buying a sheepadoodle . There will be no patches on their coat as all of it will be pure white which can give them a much cleaner look than most other color types.

Black and Tan Sheepadoodle Dogs

Even though this is another one that isn’t as well known, you can actually find black and tan tri-color sheepadoodles with completely different fur colors than most other breeds. This is also another rare type of coat color to come across if you are looking for them specifically so they might take some time to find depending on your location .

Fawn Tri-Colored Sheepadoodle Dogs

If you thought the fawn tri-colors were stunning then wait until you see the slightly different fawn tri-colored sheepadoodle dogs . They are slightly more rare than most other color types but they still look absolutely beautiful and it will be hard to beat the rich brown patches throughout their coat.

Solid White Multi-Color Sheepadoodle Dogs

If you prefer solid fur colors over anything else then this should definitely be your first choice when deciding on what type of sheepadoodle dog you want to buy . By far one of the rarest types out there because you usually only find small light grey spots mixed in with black or white which can make them look even larger than they already are.

Black Tri-Colored Sheepadoodle Dogs

The last one, but certainly not least is the black tri-color which would almost be mistaken for a pure black Doberman Pinscher if you put the two side by side. This is one of their rarest coat types so you will most likely only find them in small litters or even just one at a time .

Solid White/Black Sheepadoodle Dogs

Just like with the black tri-colors, there are also some solid white/black sheepadoodles that look very close to an all black dog but this time they have patches of grey spread throughout their fur instead. These are fairly common to come across but it can take quite some time for these pups to grow up since they are still puppies when born.

Single Fawn Sheepadoodle Dogs

One of the more common coat color types that you will come across with these dogs is the single fawn coat where they are mostly white but have one patch of rich brown fur on their chest. These ones might take a little longer than most to grow up because there isn’t as much color throughout their body so they look larger than they actually are.

Solid Black Sheepadoodle Dogs

Like was mentioned above, some black sheepadoodles will end up looking like an all black Doberman Pinscher if you put them side by side . While this is also another type that might be mistaken for pure black it can still make them look extremely stunning and slightly bigger than other coat types with patches of color mixed in .

Tri-Color Black/White/Tan Sheepadoodle Dogs

Currently the most popular type of coat with these dogs is the tri-color variety where they have patches of black, white and rich brown fur all mixed into one. This is usually what people are looking for specifically when they start searching for a sheepadoodle pup so you will run into this color type more often than any other .

Solid White Sheepadoodle Dogs

The last but certainly not least is a solid pure white coat which can make these pups look almost angelic as puppies and it only gets better as they grow up. They might also be mistaken for a purebred Poodle at first but there’s no denying that their huge size makes them stand out from the rest!

If you are looking for a Sheepadoodle, then there is no better place to look than here. We have provided some great information on the different coat colors of this dog as well as how rare they can be depending on your location and what color type you might prefer.