Why Does My Dog Stare at Me ? – 10 Ways to Stop Your Dog From Staring at You

Dogs are intelligent creatures that can be trained to do all sorts of tricks. They also have an uncanny ability to read human emotions, which is why they often stare at their owners when they look sad or angry. But sometimes dogs will stare for no apparent reason; this article discusses 10 potential reasons for your dog staring, and how you can correct them!

#10 Your Dog Thinks He is Alpha

Dogs are pack animals and as such need to know where they stand in the “pack.” Are you lower than them? Are you higher than them? Once your dog has decided where he stands, it will be much less likely for him to stare at you. If your dog thinks he is above you, then he may stare simply because he is challenging his authority over you. When this happens, do not give into his challenge and look away; instead, assert dominance and look back at him with a stern gaze. This should correct the problem right away!

#9 Your Dog Can’t See You

Dogs can see smaller than humans, so if you are crouched down they might not be able to see you very well. When dogs don’t understand they can’t see you, they may bark and growl like a protective dog. To correct this problem, simply stand up and look at your dog; he will realize that there is nothing for him to worry about!

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#8 He is Trying to Get Something Out of His Eye Dogs’

eyes work much the same as ours do; sometimes hair gets into their eyes and irritates them. If your pet has something in his eye (or worse yet, both of his eyes), he may try to get it out by staring intently at you. If this is the case, then put a gentle hand on his face and carefully try to get any irritants out of his eyes.

#7 He Heard Something Strange

Dogs will often stare intently because they have heard something strange, such as the doorbell ringing or a strange noise from outside. You can correct this by distracting your dog with another activity, such as playing fetch or tickling him under the chin! Just do not get so carried away that you completely lose track of your surroundings; that’s when accidents happen!

#6 Your Dog is Hungry

Dogs are very intelligent creatures and understand that in order to eat food, it must first be in your hands (or mouth). This means that if your dog is staring at you it’s because he knows that food is on the other side! To correct this problem, simply put your hand out so that he can see what you are holding. He will soon learn that staring does not automatically lead to dinner!

#5 Your Dog Is Submissive

Like mentioned before, dogs are pack animals and therefore they know how they stand in their own “pack.” If your dog thinks he is below you then he may be submissive. This means that when your dog stares at you it’s because he views himself as being beneath you and therefore should bow his head down to avoid eye contact. The simplest way to fix this problem is ignore your pet until he puts his head up; once this happens, give him a treat and a pat on the head to reinforce that he has done a good thing.

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#4 He is Trying to Tell You Something

When dogs stare at their owners, they are doing so because there is something important that they have to tell you! In order for your dog to be able to convey how he feels, though, you need to first learn what his different types of stares mean. If your pet averts his gaze from yours and looks away from you entirely it could mean any number of things: “gI am not going somewhere without you,” “I want food,” or “Play with me.” Once you figure out what your dog wants, simply act accordingly!

#3 Your Dog Wants Attention

Most dogs will stare at their owners when they want strict attention; the only way for them to get this is if their owner stares back. If you feel like your dog is constantly staring you down, it’s probably because he wants your undivided attention! Ignore him for a brief amount of time (ten seconds should be enough) and then give in to his request for playtime or cuddles. By not giving into his demands immediately, you are making it clear that staring does not mean immediate gratification!

#2 He Is Dehydrated

Dogs can survive much longer without food than they can without water; if your pet regularly stares at you, it might be because he is thirsty. offer him some water in a bowl; or give him some in a bottle if he is too old to lap out of a bowl.

#1 He Wants to Play!

Just like children, dogs like nothing better than playing! If you notice that your dog stares at you on regular basis, it might be because he wants to play with you; simply offer him a toy and watch as his eyes light up with excitement! Once your dog starts playing, the staring will stop on its own – guaranteed!

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How To Stop Your Dog From Staring At You: Final Thoughts

Staring is definitely an attention-seeking behavior and can come in handy when we need to communicate with our pets about something important. By putting the tips mentioned here into practice, you should be able to stop your dog from staring at you in the future; if the problem persists, it might be time for a trip to the vet!